Samantha | Slowest angel in the garrison. (absolutelybatty) wrote in icons_concrit,
Samantha | Slowest angel in the garrison.

Concrit Meme #22

- Anyone of any skill level may participate,
- Makers may submit up to five icons per meme for icon concrit, and
- All makers who submit icons for concrit must offer feedback for at least two other makers, with concrit for at least one of their icons. Hopefully you'll be inspired to offer more but that's the minimum requirement.
- Please feel free to promote the community, the meme, and your thread.
- If you have any questions regarding this meme, how it works, what to post, etc. please see this thread.

Community Resources:
Concrit 101 Guide | Concrit Beta Service | FAQ
Tags: activity: concrit meme
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