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Special Concrit Meme #02

icons_concrit welcomes you to 2013 iconning! In this post we'll try to do something a bit different, and we hope you'll have fun participating. Beyond providing general concrit, this time we're looking specially for those icons you're a bit on the fence about. Those you saved but are not sure if you'll post, those you sometimes like and sometimes don't, those you're still working on, but maybe are finding a bit uninteresting and don't know what else to do with it. We'll try to help you with that.

This is basically a post for yes/no threads, which you may be familiar with. However, we'll try going the extra mile and provide you with concrit and ways to improve your icon. Below the cut you'll also find a "Save it or scrap it" list, with questions we suggest you ask yourself when you're making and saving an icon. It's a work in progress, so we're welcoming additions and criticism, and might changed or added to in the future.

- Anyone of any skill level may participate;
- Makers may submit up to five icons per meme for icon concrit, and
- All makers who submit icons for concrit must offer feedback for at least two other makers, with concrit for at least one of their icons. Hopefully you'll be inspired to offer more but that's the minimum requirement;
- If you have any questions regarding this meme, how it works, what to post, etc. please see this thread.
- Please feel free to promote the community, the meme, and your thread

Community Resources:
Concrit 101 Guide | Concrit Beta Service | FAQ

[Save it or scrap it?]
Questions to ask yourself before uploading an icon.*

- Does my icon have the correct aspect ratio? (i.e. does the image look stretched or squished, horizontally or vertically?)
- Does the image have good quality? (Does it show jpeg artifacts, is it too small, are the edges too blurry?)
- Did I save it as .png, or .gif in case of animated images? (Most free image uploading services compress .jpg images, which leads to bad image quality after a while)
- Is the subject clear? Is it reasonably easy to tell what's going on?
- Is the contrast in my icon balanced? Does it look overexposed (the whites are too stark, the midtones/shadows get lost) or underexposed (the highlights are too dark)?
- Does my icon looks pixelly, possibly due to excessive sharpening? Or else, does it look blurry? (check our sharpening workshop if you're unsure about sharpening)
- If I used any textures, are they overwhelming the subject or enhancing it? Does the texture catch more attention than the image itself?
- If I used any text, is it well positioned? Is it well sharpened? Is it pixelly? Does the text match the mood of the icon? (check our text workshop if you're not sure about it)
- Is the emotion I'm trying to convey clear, or strong enough? Have I enhanced that emotion or dampened it (through the coloring, crop, composition...)?
- Does the icon have a clear focus? What catches my attention once I look at it?
- Would I use it in the first place? Would I save it in my inspirational folder, if I wasn't the maker?
- Even if I'm not sure about the icon as a whole, is there any aspect that stands out to me (great crop, interesting contrast, ...)?

* This list was compiled by absolutelybatty, tinebrella and mm3butterfly, based on their own opinions. It has no intention to be the be-all, end-all guide to icon making. Feel free to disagree, skip or discuss any of the showcased items, and make your own list.
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