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ConCrit Meme #03

At the request of hyacinthos, here's the third concrit meme! Have fun!

- Anyone of any skill level may participate.
- Makers must submit a minimum of two icons per meme; there is no longer any maximum. Feel free to comment more than once with new icons throughout the fortnight to make the most out of the meme!
- All makers who submit icons for concrit must offer feedback for at least two other makers, with concrit for at least one of their icons. Hopefully you'll be inspired to offer more but that's the minimum requirement.
- Please feel free to promote the community, the meme, and your thread.
- If you have any questions regarding this meme, how it works, what to post, etc. please see the questions thread created specifically for this post.

- This meme will close on May 28, 2015 at which point a new meme will most likely open.
- Anonymous commenting is: ON. Please do not abuse it.

Community resources:
Page-A-Mod | Concrit Guides | FAQ | the "good concrit" Check List
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If you have any questions, just reply to this thread, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
I really like the muted tones in these icons, especially combined with the bold accent color. I think it’s working best in #1 and #4. Honestly, I think #4 is just gorgeous, and I have no concrit to give on that one. But I think I can say a few things about #1.

I’m not 100% sold on the crop, considering how it cuts into her eyes. But it does focus firmly on her mouth, and I could see that adding in more of her eyes would move her mouth further away from the center of the image.

The main problem I see is the texture on the right-hand side of the icon. It overlaps her face in a way that makes that side of her face look partially transparent. There are two lines in the texture that extend quite close to her eye on that side, and again, I think it would be better if the texture had been masked off her face.

The left-hand side of her face is also almost entirely white on my monitor, and looks overly brightened or smoothed – especially considering the grungy look on the right side. I can’t really see where the edge of her nose is in compared to her cheek, for example. This may not be an issue on your monitor; brightness varies so much that it’s hard to judge. But this can be an effect of too much Topaz or too many light layers blurring out the shape of the face.

I really like the reddish tinge to the shadows under her eyes and fingers. I think it helps make the bold red on her mouth really stand out. But there is a little bit of the reddish tone on the left-hand side of her neck that doesn't match the lighting – that’s the lit side of her neck, and the shadow on her neck is black, so it doesn't seem to go with the rest.

I also really like the deeply saturated black at her mouth and eyes. Considering the grunginess / low contrast in other parts of the icon, the saturation in these areas really draws my attention.
Yay! I was just thinking about posting to the last meme, so this is perfect for me.

overall i love how you've cut out the subjects from their original background; it's very clean and not harsh. i think #1, 2, and 5 are fantastic! there's something about #5 that i'm particularly drawn to.

as for #3, i don't think the subject blends well with the background. i think a darker or solid background would work best, as opposed to something colorful and decorative. for example, #2's subject has blue in his shirt which ties him in with the background.

and for #4 the only critique i have is about the font. a bolded sans-serif font would work best, since the subject is so crisp and clean-cut. i really love the drop-shadow effect on the subject! i would love to see the icon again with the drop-shadow effect on "nothing".